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The Canadian Neonatal Follow-Up Network (CNFUN) is a voluntary collaboration between Neonatal and Perinatal Follow-Up Programs in Canada and their multidisciplinary team members. It was developed in liaison with the Canadian Neonatal Network to facilitate collaboration in research, integrated data collection, knowledge translation and to improve the quality of care and long term outcomes of children seen in their programs. CNFUN builds on the work done in Quebec by the Consortium de Recherche sur les Enfants Extrêmement Prématurés and is part of the MiCare group of networks.


Dr. Anne Synnes is the Director of CNFUN and also chairs the Steering Committee and Database Working Group.


 CNFUN goals include:

  • Establishing a network of Canadian health care professionals involved in neonatal / perinatal follow-up programs;
  • Developing a common standardised set of assessments to be done at standardised ages and common definitions to create the CNFUN data set;
  • Developing a national electronic database of the CNFUN dataset and link it to neonatal and perinatal datasets;
  • Using the CNFUN database to improve health care and it’s provision by providing accurate up to date information for decision making, identifying best practices and facilitating the acquisition of long term outcomes data in neonatal, perinatal and early intervention research; and
  • Advocating for our population of children by ensuring that the best evidence is translated into practice.
CNFUN's mission is to be a network of health care professionals dedicated to improving the care of newborns and children at high risk of adverse outcome as a result of requiring intensive medical care.

CNFUN Mission, Vision and Goals (English    French)

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